Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson

Born in New Zealand — Father of two, husband of one — Stood on the rim of an active volcano  — Produced a feature film — Hung from a helicopter with a camera — Did stand-up comedy — Survived a massive earthquake — Enjoy abstract acrylic painting — Location scouted in — New Zealand’s most rugged regions — Drinker of Earl Grey and eater of shortbread — Owner of turf on the Isle of Islay — Savored Scotch at a remote distillery in the Scottish Highlands — Directed, produced, edited commercials — Physical therapist graduate — Working with some of the largest retail companies in the U.S. — Travelled the United States — Lord of the Rings fan  — A cat man more than a dog man — Love exploring with my vintage Polaroid land camera — Am a Camp Gladiator — Intrigued by backlighting — Started my own production company in New Zealand — Created an internet news channel before they became cool — Fascinated by people’s stories and journeys — Fish for trout and salmon — Live in Austin, Texas — Am a night owl — Create Italian limoncello 


Coordinating Producer
Ditore Mayo Entertainment

Creative Producer
Cut To Black Films

Lead Producer
E3 Foundation

"The Holy Roller"
Life Films